Kalimba à la Carte

KALIMBA À LA CARTE (listen to it on Spotify) is Scotty Hayward's collection of solo performances on the African kalimba. This original instrumental music reflects influences of African traditions, as well as jazz, reggae, calypso, blues, and classical. Five kalimbas in nine different tunings give each song a unique character and style. Rhythmic accompaniment comes from maracas (African "hosho") tied to Hayward's foot. All tracks were recorded live, with the kalimba and foot maracas being played simultaneously. Some tracks utilize guitar effects, which were also performed live.The kalimba (also known as mbira, sansa, thumb-piano) is one of the oldest and most popular melodic instruments of Africa. Modern African guitar styles are heavily influenced by ancient kalimba music. Scotty Hayward's music is, in turn, influenced by American guitar styles as much as African kalimba styles. The instruments used in this recording were all built by the performer, from a design developed by Ryphon Gray. Hayward also adapted guitar pickups and effects to create these accoustic/electric kalimbas.The instruments themselves are small sound boxes with metal keys on top. The primary sound is created by plucking the keys with the thumbs. This sound can then be modulated by use of the sound holes and vibrations from the bottom of the box. These effects, combined with the interplay of musical lines, create the illusion of several instruments being played at once.

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