Master kalimba player Scotty Hayward (a.k.a. Kalimbaman) performs strolling and stage shows of original music for the African kalimba. He makes all of his own instruments, and plays electrified, even when strolling! His shows have thrilled audiences around the Midwest for more than two decades, including performances for the Des Moines Art Fair, Historic Shaw Art Fair (St. Louis) and the Kansas City Plaza Art Show. For bookings, contact: Phone: 319.351.1073 Email: Global Village Promotions P.O. Box 889

Iowa City, IA 52244


ABOUT KALIMBAMAN SCOTTY HAYWARD Scotty Hayward has devoted over 30 years to becoming a new age master of the kalimba. He was trained in European classical music, but always had an affinity for jazz, African, and Caribbean music. Throughout his childhood, he listened to his father's extensive collection of records from Africa and the Caribbean. He discovered the kalimba (or vice-versa) when he was 18 years old. When he was 20, he met Ryphon Gray, who was building kalimbas from his own innovative designs. Scotty became his apprentice, and they worked and performed together for two years. After that, Scotty continued developing his instruments and music on his own.

In 1988, Scotty produced his first recording of solo kalimba music, "Kalimba Aquarius". In 1989, he formed The Earthmother's Majimba Band, which performed throughout the Midwest. He recorded several cassettes (including "First Earth Tour") and a CD , "Kalimba Dreams" with this band. In 1999, he reshaped the band into a jazz trio, named Majimba. "Soul of Majimba" was released in 2000.

Now he has come full circle with his first solo CD, "Kalimba A La Carte". Ranging from whimsical to ethereal, this is his kalimba music in its purest form.

Scotty continues to perform at jazz venues, art and ethnic fairs, clubs, and schools. He also performs as part of a Caribbean-style strolling minstrel duet, with partner, Mak Dervo.

Scotty Hayward lives with his wife, Joan, and nine of their ten children in Iowa City, Iowa.

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