Maki & Kalimbaman

Maki and Kalimbaman started their strolling minstrel duet in 1995, performing their unique blend of calypso, mardi gras, and original music. They have played strolling and stage shows at art fairs, music festivals, and family events throughout the Midwest. As strolling minstrels, they interact a lot with the audience, particularly the very youngest and the very oldest folks. People enjoy seeing and hearing them play Andean panflutes, charango, guitar, and Jamaican rumba-box (bass kalimba).

Their strolling shows include segments of Scotty's solo "Kalimbaman" show, as well as Maki's solo show, "Music of the Andes Mountains".

Maki Dervo and Kalimbaman Scotty Hayward also perform stage shows with their dance band, The Party Guise, which includes drums and Australian didgeredo!

Strolling Minstrels

The CD

Maki Dervo and Scotty Hayward's Strolling Minstrel Show is preserved for posterity in their first recording, "Musical Feets". To order copies of MUSICAL FEETS, or to find out more about other recordings or performances, contact Scotty Hayward:Phone: 319.351.1073Email: Global Village PromotionsP.O. Box 889Iowa City, IA 52244USAAlso visit Mak Dervo: http://www.makdervo.comAll contents copyright 2003-2012 by A Scotty Hayward & Mak Dervo.